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Figuring out what to eat can be one daunting task, but it shouldn’t be. Our meal plan services are for anyone or a group of people who want help planning their meals.


Hi! I’m Soteria and welcome to weight goals with Aba.

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Every month there’s a different boot camp program. Group programs are limited to 10-20 people per group.

This is to ensure intimacy, accountability, and the best of one on one services even in a group.

Find out if the program you want is available this month or the next and join as soon as possible as groups fill up fast.


Our name should tell you, we’re experts in sustainable weight management. Whatever your weight goal is, we have a customized plan for you.


At weight goals we believe food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food just like Hippocrates father of modern medicine said.

General Wellness and
Lifestyle Consultations

This service is for anyone looking to live a healthier life through healthy eating, curated personalized workouts, or a wellness coach to give tailored wellness advice and guidance.

Women’s Health and
Wellness Programs

Your diet impacts your hormones more than you will ever know. This service is for women looking to take control of their bodies through nutrition and lifestyle change.


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Sis, we’ve got you.


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