Soteria Aba Yedua Ntim Adu

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Founder and Lead Nutritionist at Weight Goals with Aba.

Weight Goals with Aba seeks to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goal using the right nutrition approach.

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Meal Plans

Personalised meal plans for you, your family or institute. Take the hassle away from deciding on what to eat.


Get motivated even further with our programs. Go solo with a personalised program or join a group.


Do you have questions you need answers to? Talk to a nutritionist or a registered dietitian.


Get lessons on how to cook and how to master your delicious and healthy recipes.

For every service you pay for, we donate 5% to our charity fund to help a nutrition deprived community in Ghana. If you’ll want to know more about this you can always send us an email.


Most frequent questions and answers

No plan or program has already made meals as part of the package. We’re working hard to add that option soon.

In very simple terms, calories is the unit of measurement given to the energy we get from food.

Absolutely!!! Most of our services are custom made. Irrespective of your location our team works with you to ensure we’re both getting the results we want.

The answer is… Yes.
Weight loss happens when you consume less calories than you you burn (a caloric deficit). You can be in a caloric deficit without exercise but exercise will help you burn more calories hence aiding in weight loss, and building as well as strengthening muscle which is good for overall health.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose where to lose fat. To lose fat in specific areas you must lose overall body fat, and work on muscle building to give you a toned appearance in those particular areas

Weight Goal with Aba - Cooking Class

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