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Figuring out what to eat can be one daunting task, but it shouldn’t be. Our meal plan services are for anyone or a group of people who want help planning their meals.


Hi! I’m Soteria and welcome to weight goals with Aba.

Soteria Aba Ntim Adu

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Every month there’s a different boot camp program. Group programs are limited to 10-20 people per group.

This is to ensure intimacy, accountability and the best of one on one services even in a group.

Find out if the program you want is available this month or the next and join as soon as possible as groups fill up fast.

Meal Plans

Personalised meal plans for you, your family or institute. Take the hassle away from deciding on what to eat.


Get motivated even further with our programs. Go solo with a personalised program or join a group.


Do you have questions you need answers to? Talk to a nutritionist or a registered dietitian.


Get lessons on how to cook and how to master your delicious and healthy recipes.

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There are several different types of sponsorship opportunities we offer including sponsored posts, recipe development, recipe videos and Brand Partnerships.

We would love to work with you and help you accomplish your goals, whether it’s weight or business. In order to retain the trust of our customers and maximize the value of our sponsored content, we only work with brands & products that we love & respect.

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For every service you pay for, we donate 5% to our charity fund to help a nutrition deprived community in Ghana. If you’ll want to know more about this you can always send us an email.

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