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I used to be reluctant about this stuff. The very idea of it repulsed me. Talk to a STRANGER about your SECRETS? God forbid. ‘Isn’t that what the Holy Spirit is for’ I would think to myself. Why rely on a mere human being when I can just pray and talk to God about it? I felt like considering it was me indirectly telling God that He wasn’t enough for me and that I believed that man had more power to heal me than God did.

How wrong I was. How wrong I am. You see the with the society that we live in, there is a strong tendency for Christians to Bible thump without even knowing it and end up being religious. There is the tendency for a bunch of verses and a cursory prayer to be thrown at someone going through it, and a perception that if you’re going through it then maybe you’re not praying enough, or reading your Bible enough or close enough to God. That there is something wrong with your FAITH and that’s why there’s something wrong with YOU.

But doctors are also a part of God’s plan. And to decide to not get medical help just because you think it doesn’t make you spiritual enough and locking yourself up in your room ‘praying it away’ is like having a gaping sore that’s festering but deciding not to go to the hospital to get surgery but instead plastering a bunch of band-aids on it.

Now let nots be mistaken for a second, band aids are GOOD. Band aids are HELPFUL. But sometimes, band-aids aren’t all we need to dress our sores.

Pray. Fervently. Yes. Spend time with God. Lay your burdens at His feet. By all means. Grow in your faith, definitely. But please don’t think that just because you seek professional help youre doing something wrong.

To be honest, This ‘fa ma nyame’ mentally is killing us. News flash, Christians get depressed too. Prayer warriors also get suicidal. Pastors have anxiety disorders too.

I’m slowly learning and understanding that dwelling in God’s presence does not mean that I won’t any hard or down days. And making use of Human Resources that God himself makes available to me does not mean that I don’t trust God enough. The same way God uses us to bless others, God can very well use others to bless you too. And sometimes what that looks like is getting help.

Therapy isn’t meant to replace prayer or going to God with your problems. It’s meant to supplement it. Therapy doesn’t mean you’re a weak Christian or that you’ve failed. Therapy doesn’t mean you no longer believe in miracles or Gods healing power. Therapy may likely be the answer to the hours on end that you’ve been praying for healing for.

This message is for me as much as it’s for you. If you need help, please get it. Talk to someone professionally qualified to help you. Or someone you trust. Getting help doesn’t make you weak. Going to therapy doesn’t make you a failing Christian. It’s really okay to not be okay sometimes.

It’s okay to go to therapy. ❤️

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