Struggling to stay motivated?

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Remember that thrill, that fire that you had when you started your business or got that job that you wanted? The fire to do more, be more and work hard because finally you felt something click in place. You felt like you could make a difference and you were committed to working hard and pushing yourself on that new job or venture. It’s been a couple of months, week’s maybe and that fire is barely a spark now. You don’t know when or how but it fizzled out and now you struggle to stay motivated. Not to worry, we can fan that spark back into a burning flame.

First thing is to take a step back, a breather or a day off work. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “I can’t afford to take a day off” but you can! It is vital to your mental health and level of motivation to take some time off work. Take a day to step back, destress and return to work or your business with fresh eyes.

Secondly, remember why you started. A lot of times along the way, we forget the vision, the goal, the bigger picture. Remember why you are doing what you do and how it fits in the bigger vision of your life. Write it down to remind yourself when you forget as a source of mini motivation, a ‘pick me up’ when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Thirdly, look at the results and the impact you have created so far. Vision is important for motivation, but results and impact are the best motivators. Look at the lives you have touched, clients you’ve helped, the things you have created that did not exist before. You are making a difference, whether in a small way or a big way. Someone once asked “if you tried hard to write your first book and it sold over 10,000 million copies, would you need ‘special motivation’ to write a second one? No! Because the impact and value you have made and created will be motivation enough.

Take a moment to reflect, remember and be kind to yourself. Setbacks are normal, what matters is getting back up and into the race.

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