Spilling the tea……

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It’s time we had the “flat tummy tea” conversation

Flat tummy teas, slim teas, flat tummy potions, tummy detox products… no matter the shape or form these products come in, they both promise one goal – weight loss by the continuous consumption of a product, which in most cases is tea. Before I go any further, let me just point out that this is a very safe space, so don’t be ashamed to admit that you’ve considered trying one of these products before (if you haven’t already), because God knows I have definitely considered purchasing some myself 😂 I mean, tea that can help you lose weight?? Or get a flat stomach?? Who doesn’t want that! It sounds absolutely hassle free and goes contrary to the conventional weight loss methods we know – exercising and eating right. But the question is, do these teas actually work? 

Let’s get down to the basics. How does one lose weight? If you’re on this website, it means you’ve definitely seen Aba’s 1001 posts, Instagram stories, IG lives etc etc talking about how weight loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit. So bearing that in mind, how does drinking tea result in a calorie deficit? If you’re drinking just the teas and not eating anything else it’s possible in this case to have a calorie deficit, because plain teas contain less than 10 calories. But you and I can definitely agree that drinking just tea in a day is not just ridiculous but is also extremely unhealthy. The importance of eating a healthy, balanced meal can never be stressed on enough, so one must never compromise on that no matter how desperately you want to attain a goal (be it weight loss or weight gain).

Looking at the composition of most of the teas shows a cocktail of teas and roots, and whilst some of these teas, example peppermint and green tea may help with digestion and appetite suppression respectively, there is no scientific proof that these teas actually contribute to weight loss. The companies selling these products are capitalizing on the fact that many people want a “quick fix” to weight loss and are falsely advertising products that help to achieve that. The laxative effect some of the teas results in frequent urination and defecation – which result in loss in general water weight. So yes, you might see a change on the scale but do not be deceived, because the weight on the scale will return immediately you stop taking the teas. 

I conclude my time with you today by saying, the most effective and healthy way to lose weight is by exercising and eating healthy. If you come across any product that promises otherwise, try your best to do as much research as you can before trying it. Remember, your body is precious, so treat it with care.

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