So let’s talk skincare !!!! 

Trigger warning: this is expensive! 

Don’t get me wrong it’s worth it but I really wish it could work after two days. That’s another thing, you need at lot, I mean a lot of patience and time. Let’s not forget consistency.

So let’s start from the beginning 

I’ve never really had clear skin but it wasn’t so bad either. I could go without makeup (the powder and lipgloss and occasionally stealing your mother’s foundation). That was till high school when I noticed the acne got bigger and more regular especially around the time of the month but I still didn’t do anything about it because I didn’t care and I had no one to impress (especially boys because they were all annoying then 😬 and still are) 

Fast forward to university and that’s where things got rough. People won’t shut up about my skin, I tried to cover it with makeup (makes it worse by the way). I mean I’d always go to class with some sort of makeup on. But let’s be honest it’s not sustainable 

And then I found skincare YouTube but unfortunately it was the honey, lemon, baking soda, apple cider and turmeric side. Let me tell you I used all of it even the Indian clay mask (which isn’t bad if you mix it with water) but they all have temporary relief or made my acne scars worse (they contain acids) 

The disadvantage is, these acids are not controlled and formulated to be gentle ( do what you would with that info) 

So where were we. Uni, right ?

I later discovered proper skincare YouTube especially the “drugstore” part, meaning more affordable skincare. I went ham, buying anything and everything and quoting if they don’t work after two weeks (try for at least 21 days before you give up) 

There are so really good affordable options but I guess the ones I purchased then weren’t the best. They worked but the acne came right back. It might also be as a result of not combining the right products (we’ll discuss that another time) 

Fast forward to today after several try’s and errors and also bleeding pockets I think I’ve found things that work for me 

I have simplified my routine. From a 10 step to a 3-7 (at most) 

Oil cleanse (when I have makeup) 

A proper gentle cleanser (face wash) 


Essence (optional) 


Sunscreen (during the day) 

Night cream (night obviously) 

I use a treatment if I have active acne or bumps on my face. 

This is just an overview of my journey, we’ll go into details in coming episodes 

I’m not a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, I’m just sharing my journey and what I’ve learnt 

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