Weight Management

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Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose some weight? Do your clothes fit too tight? Do you want to increase your energy levels? If yes then this is your plan.

With your weight loss goal, a personalized diet plan is created just for you to assist you to lose weight. This plan is designed to be simple and practical to follow to help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way with long-term results.

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Weight Gain

Wanting to gain some kilos in the right place? Overeating but still seeing no results? Then this plan is for you! 

This is a tailor-made plan for people who would like to gain weight. We prepare a customized diet plan that meets all of your needs and your body type to assist you in gaining weight in a healthy and effective way with long-term results.

Weight Goal with Aba - Chicken
Weight Goal with Aba - Salad

Body Sculpt

You just want to have the toned seemingly perfect body you have imagined while losing fat in the right places but you just can’t seem to get it right. Let’s get you that dream body with our body sculpt plan.

This is a tailored plan for people who don’t want to necessarily lose or gain weight but want fat loss in certain areas. This plan focuses on fat loss, firming, and increasing lean muscle mass to make your body more defines and toned with a lower body fat percentage.

Postpartum Weight Loss

We understand how trying to achieve a healthy weight post-baby can be a struggle. Let’s make this journey easier for you with our postpartum weight loss plan, designed for new mothers to assist them in losing the extra weight gained throughout their pregnancy journey. This diet plan does not only help new moms lose weight but also helps them feed their bodies with the essential nutrients that their bodies may require.

Postpartum Weight Loss

With each plan, you receive

  • a 45-minute consultation and nutrition strategy class with our nutritionist/ dietitian.
  • a customized meal plan tailored to your goal
  • a detailed shopping list
  • recipes
  • a workout and lifestyle guide
  • access to a personal coach weekly.
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