Meal Plans

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Personalised Meal Plans


What if I told you that knowing what to eat everyday shouldn’t be a headache? That you could eat food you love and still look good, feel great or even lose weight?

Well that is a possibility when your meals are properly planned. Healthy Eating and cooking will become fun and simple!

Book our personalised meal planning service to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted!

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Family Meal Plans


Take the pressure off family meal planning with our family meal plans for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

We know that family life doesn’t always allow for leisurely cooking, so you’ll find these recipes easy to make

Weight Goal with Aba - Chicken
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Institutional Meal Plans

For schools, businesses and organizations that want to take healthy eating to a whole new level!

Our team is here to help you plan the best meal for your students and workers. A healthy student or a healthy employee? I’m sure that’s what your institution needs

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Be a Goal Getter

Join the weight goals community and get healthy lifestyle tips, amazing and easy recipes, weight management guides, discounts and many more!