Medical Nutrition Therapy

Do you want a tailored nutrition plan to help you eat better due to your medical condition? Or has your doctor told you to change your diet due to a healthy condition?

An individual’s comprehensive nutrition needs are assessed as part of this plan to develop a goal, a care plan, as well as targeted nutritional interventions to effectively manage or treat your condition.

To support your behavioral and lifestyle changes, check-ups are frequently made within 6 weeks period of the plan. This entails keeping track of and assessing progress as well as any adjustments to health or medication.

With this plan you receive;

  • a 60-minute consultation and strategy class
  • a tailored meal plan for not less than 6 weeks
  • access to a personal registered dietitian weekly or as often as you deem fit
  • Wellness guide that summarizes how to manage your condition after the plan ends
  • Wellness plan (sleep schedule, workout plan, diet plan based on your condition)

* Our medical nutrition therapy plan is an individualized plan that helps you to manage or treat medical conditions such as Diabetes, hypertension, Anemia, Gout, Ulcers, and other non-communicable diseases through nutrition and diet. If your doctor has told you to use a diet to treat your consdition, talk to us we can help you.

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