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You’ve tried losing weight before, or maybe you’re new to the game. Before you make the mistake of going on an extremely unsustainable diet that will not work in the long run, hear us out. We can help you! We are very confident we can help you.
750 kg (30 large bags of rice, 15 bags of cement, and 15 bags of corn) is how much weight we’ve coached over 500 goal-getters to lose in 4 years. This is why we KNOW we can help you.

As a team of registered nutritionists and dietitians, we present to you the solution! – Lose it in 30! the only weight loss guide you’ll need on a Ghanaian diet.

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You’ve probably heard that to lose weight you need to cut out all your favorite Ghanaian meals, well not with this guide. Eat what you love and still see the weight drop, from Jollof to pepper soup, to banku to even your favorite beans and plantain

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The general principle of weight loss is eating in a caloric deficit. But calorie counting can be exhausting, who has time to be counting calories in your fried plantains when you just want to enjoy your beans? That’s why this guide is here! For 30 days we’ve analyzed the caloric as well as the nutrient content of every single meal for you.

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With over 50 recipes to choose from, you have a variety of food choices and you never have to struggle to come up with healthy recipes for your weight loss journey


I loved everything about the book once I opened it. As a publisher, I love how simple and clear every piece of information is. The content is very helpful for anyone who wants to lose weight sustainably through dieting. As someone who struggles with identifying what to eat each day, this will be a great guide for me to eat healthy whiles working on my weight. Finally, I love that it also includes recipes for those who may not know their way around certain foods. As a chef, I love how simple and easy these recipes are. Overall, I’d say it’s simple, detailed, and a very great asset for anyone that wants to lose weight the right way. Well done to the weight goals team

—Bibiana Gyasi

Still not convinced to get your 30 days weight loss guide? Here is all that you’re getting for the best deal ever!

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Throughout my experience as a nutritionist helping people on their weight loss journey, I realized that most people have the wrong idea about weight loss where you have to deprive yourself of certain foods you love just to shed some pounds off. This is why this guide was developed to help you lose weight more sustainably and healthily.

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