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“Every website has a blog about whatever the business is about but I want to do something slightly different” I told Lewis, my web developer when we were designing the website earlier this year.This has been the most exciting part about the website for me because I know there are so many things we don’t talk about because we assume we’re in it alone.  There are also countless hacks to navigate this sometimes hard life and someone else has probably lived it so let’s hear what they have to say. Or you just want that sweet “gist” from a colleague you can relate to.

Inspired by what I’ll look for in a blog, I’ve brought together 5 other young women I admire to share their own stories and journey. Occasionally I’ll invite guests to share with us their journey to being well.When you think of wellness , if it’s the glitz and glamor or the hard and ugly we’ll probably have an opinion on it.

Everyone who shares their story and journey on the blog  is doing it from a place of complete honesty and candidness.And I can’t wait for you to learn, cry, laugh , feel and grow with us !

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Welcome to the weight goals blog! Here we talk about everything nutrition, wellness, and food. Because we believe in helping you make the best decisions by sharing evidence-based information with you. 

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