Failing or Graduating?

Final year can be hard! no doubts about it especially, when the unexpected happens. I’m sharing my story to inspire anyone going through any form of final year pain. My final year in Uni started on a terrible note, my Uncle died from unknown causes .My  previous semester ( Year 3 2nd Semester)  results were the opposite of the hard work I put in, so I started the academic year with so much anger and disappointment.  I became aloof and distant from almost everyone. I ended relationships over the summer and had not more than 10 mins conversations with people I could talk to for hours, but in retrospect I realized when all this was going on in my life I never did one thing that was to pray!

Never talked to anyone about how deep I was hurting or disappointed I was because I didn’t even understand what I was feeling.

I managed all this final year academic stress for the first semester.

I told myself the next semester would be better but it worsened, like nothing that I had seen before, a grade which hadn’t appeared on my transcript for almost 2 years finally appeared and I had to take that course again.

I followed up and went all around hoping something could to be done about it but I had no other choice. I had just 4 months to graduate and this hit me hard. I just told myself “you’re not graduating this year”. Through my frustration I did something I hadn’t done in the longest time!

I went to Church and I prayed, I cried until I couldn’t breath. I remember laying on the floor of the prayer cathedral of Action Chapel  like that was my home.

After church I called my dad and told my him about it. He reminded me, I could do this! So I made a game plan I prayed, studied again and again and when I felt like I was sinking I talked to someone. Along the way I still had days where I felt empty and disappointed and I tried to fill the void with so many things, but after drifting off which was a lot the Holy Spirit would come and comfort me in the form of a good grade, someone making me genuinely happy or something going on well with my project.

My biggest support through final year!

I thought things were going well till the semester ended and my name wasn’t on the graduation list, following up, my academic officer told me it didn’t reflect in her records that the course was taken again. In the moment I did something I had been doing a lot at the time I prayed silently and left. On my way home this lady called me and told me she refreshed the database and it has now appeared so my name would be on an updated list. Nothing about my final year went according to plan but looking back it sure did teach me an important life lesson which also happens to be a memory verse

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in ALL your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path” Proverbs 3 :5-6

Final year pain and how you deal with it is a matter of How much you let God in🙏🏽

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