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Weight Goals with Aba is an online Nutrition and Wellness Firm that seeks to help individuals live an overall healthy life using a holistic nutrition approach. At weight goals, we believe that everyone is unique, based on that we make sure most of our services are tailor-made just for you! Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you get there. Making sure we’re not leaving any aspect of your health out. Welcome to a forever life-changing journey Goal getter. Total wellness? Now that’s goals!

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Meet Aba


Soteria Aba Ntim Adu


Soteria Aba Yedua Ntim-Adu is a Nutritionist and Food Scientist working with different organizations and individuals making nutrition and healthy living friendly and practical as possible.

This Ghanaian born wellness and food entrepreneur is passionate about bringing nutrition, wellness and good food to the comfort of as many people as possible.

Aba is available to work on projects in and out of the continent as well as create tailored health and nutrition services including weight management, hormonal regulation and medical diet therapy for individuals across the country and globe.

For every service you pay for, we donate 5% to our charity fund to help a nutrition deprived community in Ghana. If you’ll want to know more about this you can always send us an email.

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